Jan 09 2018

4 More Reasons to Study a Master’s or Bachelors in China

Here are four of my own reasons why you should consider studying in China.

1. Gold star on the CV:

No matter what kind of job you are applying for, having China on your resume can make you instantly stand out. From a recruiters perspective, filtering through so many CV and resumes all with pretty similar stuff; went to this university, is enthusiastic, was part of the varsity etc. China is a more unique experience to help you get that interview. Furthermore, if you learn little Chinese when you are out there, your chances of getting the interview will significantly increase. This has been my experience during my ‘what should I do after this period’.

2. International friends for life

Over the course of my time in China I have made some friends I will always have. Maybe this should be first on my list, but I have put it second as you don’t really plan on studying abroad just to make friends.

When you are a foreigner in China and probably in any country that you did not grow up in, you find yourself in an environment where you can relate to other foreigners about being a foreigner. This might be it, or it could be something else but it is very easy to make friends quickly in that sort of environment. Most universities have both international dorms and domestic student dorms. The international dorms is a really exciting place where you can meet people from every corner of the world. I have friends in many different countries who I will never forget, and that's pretty sweet.

3. Price

Studying in China is significantly cheaper than studying in the US or the UK. Not only is tuition cheaper, but daily expenditure is also much cheaper than the US and Europe. You can eat for just a couple of dollars a meal. Transport is cheap, night out in town are cheap. Overall, China offers very competitive prices for good, intentionally recognized degrees.

4. Memories

You will find your time in China will go pretty fast. There is so much to do and so many people to meet and good times to be had. There is a sense that you can do anything in China. China has not yet fully developed its legal system. There is very little you can not do in China. There is this perception we tend to have in the West, that in states like China and Russia you are restricted in what you can an cannot do, but the reality is it is more sensible.

Your time in China will be so rich in memories and photos you can show your family and friends and will always have. My first year in China was for me among the best I have had.

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