Oct 09 2018

​5 Important App's to Download When Moving to China

When you decide to study in China for a long-term Post Graduate program, it is important that you have considered which App’s you need to download in order to make your day-to-day life far simpler in China. When trying to decide which App’s are the most useful in China, consider the list below:

1. WeChat: By default, WeChat is one of the most useful App’s to download when moving to China. WeChat enables you to pay for goods, transfer money, post pictures to their “Moments” section that is similar to Facebook, pay bills, and advertise. China is absolutely a country that runs on WeChat, making it a great asset to you while you are studying in China.

2. Didi: In terms of transportation, Didi made an effort to buy Uber before it became big in China. For this reason, Didi is the Uber of China and is one of the best ways to get around major cities in China. The App recently launched an English version, which is fantastic for foreigners that are studying in China. Within the App, it is possible to choose varied types of transportation from the traditional taxi to the Mercedes chauffeur service. It is possible to pay Didi with your WeChat account, making it simple to not only track how far away your car is, but also, pay them electronically without a credit card or cash.

3. Astrill VPN: Living in China does have one complication and that is the list of Internet sites that are blocked. If you would like to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix while studying in China, then it is recommended that you get a VPN for your computer. The same goes for your mobile. Astrill VPN has an App that is possible to download on your phone and have access to the websites and Apps you desire that are blocked in China. Be sure to download the VPN before arriving in China in order to be sure that the page is not blocked.

4. Dianping: Dianping has evolved into China’s answer to Yelp. If you are new to cities within China, Dianping provides you reviews of local restaurants and bars that are fantastic to try out in your area. This is a great way to get to know your new city and immerse yourself in the diverse cultural experience that awaits you.

5. Waygo: If you are coming to China with very limited Chinese skills, not to worry. Waygo is an App that has the capability of waving your phone camera over a sign in Mandarin and having the phone translate the text before your eyes. This will add a great deal of ease to your life while residing in China.

China is on the forefront of the technological boom. In fact, many of the App’s that have been produced in China are a step ahead of the App’s that we see in the West. When you relocate to China for your studies, be sure to enjoy the benefits of these Apps. Your experience while studying in China will surely benefit as a result.

-- Jacquelyn Annette García Vadnais

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