Jul 02 2015

Top 5 ordinary western foods Chinese people dislike!

Most Chinese people want to try western food to experience something new. However, the differences between Chinese and western food often leave them disappointed in western cooking. I searched the internet to see what other Chinese people hated the most. Unsurprisingly, dishes like Escargot and Haggis were commonly complained about, but many westerners themselves are disgusted by these dishes. So instead of talking about foods Chinese and Westerners agree are strange, I’ve made a list of everyday western foods that most Chinese people don’t like!

Cheese (奶酪Nǎilào)

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Cheese is one of the first foreign foods Chinese people say they hate. Unsurprisingly, stronger cheeses top this list. Blue cheese (蓝纹奶酪LánwénNǎilào) and goat cheese (山羊奶酪ShānyángNǎilào) are among the most hated. One Chinese netizen (网民Wǎngmín) said that if you want to know what goat cheese tastes like, “take the oil from hotpot (火锅Huǒguō), leave it overnight to harden, then reheat it, mix with rice, and eat it in a goat pen while smelling goats.” I have to say I totally agree.

Salad (蔬菜沙拉Shūcài shālā)

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Why? Well because it’s just cold vegetables with no taste. If you can afford something else, why would you want to eat this? It’s been described as “just like eating grass.” Chinese eat most vegetables hot, and feel that eating vegetables cold can be unsafe.

Pizza (披萨Pīsà)

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Despite pizza being relatively common in China, especially in big cities, no one really likes it. It’s like bing (饼Bǐng) (a Chinese word that describes many types of round flat bread or pastry like foods -- pictured on the right above) without flavor, and with hard crust. It’s also much more expensive. Why not just have bing instead?

Pasta with cream sauce (奶酪意大利面Nǎilào yìdàlì miàn)

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The first taste is not so bad, but as you eat more you feel more and more disgusting. Chinese are not used to cream, so eating a western dish that is already meant to be heavy is simply unbearable. But it’s not only the sauce that has a problem. I recently tried Penne. The noodles were chewy and hard compared to most kinds of Chinese noodles. Very terrible!

French baguette (法式长棍面包Fàshì cháng gùn miànbāo)

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Chinese netizens say that if you’re feeling bored, eating a baguette might be a good way to pass the time; it’s like a dog bone (磨牙棒MóyáBàng) for humans. But that’s not its only use. You can use it as a weapon to hit people or things. But is it enjoyable to eat? No! There isn’t any flavor and it’s hard on your teeth.

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