Sep 25 2018

The Five Best Organizations to Follow if you are Interested in China

Young China Watchers

Young China Watchers is an academic thinktank and discussion forum covering a wide range of issues related to China. They have chapters in London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Singapore, Brussels, and Washington D.C.

Their events are held regularly (often weekly) and attract speakers who are experts in a variety of fields—from economics to politics to social issues. Most events are free and you’ll always find a welcoming community and lively discussion.

Project Pengyou

Project Pengyou fosters U.S.-China Youth Leadership initiatives and has chapters throughout the USA. “Pengyous” (Chinese for ‘friends’) are US and Chinese nationals who have experience in both countries.

The organization holds events worldwide and sponsors “World Pengyou Day” each year. All events and projects are centered on developing intercultural communication, understanding, and collaboration. They also post job listings for people wishing to work in China. Project Pengyou has funding from the Ford Foundation and backing from the US state Department and a number of international NGOs.

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute is an education organization affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. They operate on the campuses of most universities worldwide. Confucius Institutes offer links to a Chinese University, Chinese language classes, and a variety of cultural events for students internationally. If you are already studying Chinese, you can take your HSK examinations at many Confucius Institutes.

The Golden Bridges Foundation

The Golden Bridges Foundation is a US-China NGO focusing on linking American and Chinese individuals and organizations for a wide range of philanthropic work. They facilitate volunteering opportunities in China and publish information on China’s non-profit field.

Since its founding, Golden Bridges has mobilized the first major Chinese youth delegation to a UN climate change conference, launched the China Foundation Center, Project Pengyou, and worked with over 100 local NGOs.

Educating Girls of Rural China

Educating Girls of Rural China is a Canadian-Chinese group that empowers girls in China’s rural western provinces through education. They sponsor girls through high school and university and have, to date, achieved a 99% graduation rate.

As one of the most successful and fastest growing charitable organizations working in China at the moment, it’s a great organization to look into if you are hoping to volunteer in China.

-- Senior Editor, Charles Higgs

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