Dec 05 2017

Why do a Master's or Undergraduate degree in China?

Well, here are just 10 of the reasons that should at least make you consider it!

1. You don’t need to be able to speak Chinese to take part in these programs.

Contrary to what many people think. You don’t actually need to be able to speak Chinese to attend a Chinese university or do a masters or undergraduate degree in China. While it is true, many subjects are taught in Chinese, it is quite common to see many master degree subjects now being taught in English, especially the major subjects such as economics, business and management etc. Chinese (Mandarin) can form an optional part of your degree if you want it to.

2. Some of the world’s top universities are in China.

Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan, Zhejiang and (Shanghai) Jiaotong University are some good examples of up and coming Chinese universities. China has a historical reputation for learning dating back thousands of years to Confucius; this desire to learn is reflected in some of China’s best universities which have recently shot up the global rankings thank to China’s growing economy. Generally speaking, the bigger the city, the better the university with five of China’s top ten universities being in either Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. That doesn’t mean you cannot find a ‘diamond in the rough’ so to speak in the form of the high flying Nanjing or Wuhan University for example.

3. You can come away from a 2 year Master's program in China ALSO speaking Chinese.

As previously mentioned in point one, Chinese is actually only an optional part of your degree structure meaning that you only have to study it if you want to. With that in mind though, why wouldn’t you want to study Chinese (Mandarin)? With over one billion speakers, being able speak just a few sentences will transform your life and open your horizons in multiple ways. While you may be taught in English at your university, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to communicate with other people using their native language rather than waiting for them to learn yours?

4. You will gain a cultural understanding of a new world superpower.

There is no doubt China is on the rise. By some measurements it is already the new world superpower, but how much do you really know about China? Not just on a linguistic level but on a cultural one too? More and more people are beginning to realise the potential that this country has, but first they need to experience what it really like to live, work or study there. Doing a masters degree at a Chinese university will give you a first hand experience of the delights Chinese culture has to offer such as the amazing food, hospitality and heritage sights. We strongly advise you give it a go.

5. It will put you in good standing to ensure international career opportunities (good for your CV).

If sampling some of the best food in the world, visiting some of the worlds greatest tour sites or learning one of the worlds most spoken languages isn’t motivation enough for you. Think of the possible CV building potential you will have by doing a masters degree in China. As many world industries start selling to Chinese consumers, the demand for workers with experience of doing business in China grows. If you can speak Chinese or have a good understanding of Chinese culture on top of that then you will certainly open yourself up to greater opportunity in your professional life. China is certainly where the money is.

6. They are very competitively priced, with most somewhere between US$3500-$9000 per year.

That might sound like a lot of money, but believe us when we tell you that is cheap when compared to a masters degree at Western university. Don’t believe us just on our word though, we did a comparison to show the difference. A masters degree in management at top ten Chinese university (in this case Beijing Normal University) costs around ¥40,000 ($6,200) a year. Contrast that to a similar course £24,200 ($37,100) a year course at a UK university (UCL) or a whopping $46,850 at an American one (George Washington). You really can spend less money but still have a degree that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

7. You will get to experience something totally different to Western Universities.

Daily life within a Chinese university is in many ways just like daily life at one of its Western equivalents. You have lecture halls in which to learn, canteens in which to eat, dormitories in which to sleep in and shops and cafes in which to purchase stuff in. The crucial difference however becomes apparent when you step outside the relative comfort zone of your university campus into the wider world. Don’t feel like eating in the university canteen tonight? No problem you can simply walk five to ten minutes in pretty much any direction in China and potentially stumble across some of the nicest food you’ve ever tasted. Welcome to China ladies and gentlemen.

8. Be part of the fastest growing economy in the world.

Doing a masters programme in China can arguable be the perfect way in which to experience China. This is because typical programmes last between one to two years which is about the time you need to figure out if China really is a long term fit for you or just a passing fancy. If you find that living and studying in China is totally awesome, a masters degree also gives you the skill set to apply for full time career defining jobs allowing you to stay even longer in China. Alternatively if you don’t want to stay longer, you still get to walk away with an official qualification as well as a whole treasure trove of great memories.

9. Meet other like-minded individuals with similar career and linguistic aspirations.

You won’t just get to meet Chinese people when you come to China, although we can’t deny they form a pretty large percentage of people you will encounter. Depending on where you live and what course you study you will probably end up meeting very similar people to yourself in terms of aspirations and life circumstances. Should you have long-term goals in China, it is these sorts of people who can help define your long-term success and development in a country such as China. A masters degree can be the perfect way in which to broaden your social and professional network.

10. Plenty of time to explore a really awesome country.

Perhaps leaving one of the most important reasons till last. Lets not kid ourselves, there is no point coming to a foreign country if you don’t expect to take advantage of it’s vast array of tourist sites and travel options. While doing any masters degree will require you to knuckle down and get some work done eventually, don’t let that spoil the precious free time you will have during the generous four months of annual holiday you will be given. China is the world’s third largest country with more than 22 individual provinces. Living in just one small part of it is just the start!

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