2-3 Years
(2 - 2.5 years)
Application fee: $150
About this course

Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, operation and those of related to flight vehicles. It consists of two major branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering, respectively deal with the flight vehicles that operate in and outside Earth's atmosphere. The full-time graduate student program of Aerospace Engineering will provides our students with the opportunities for further development in aerospace technical area; it aims at cultivating the high-level professionals with solid theoretical and practical background of aerospace engineering. This program involves both fundamental courses and research project. Coursework will focus on aerospace fundamentals, including guidance and control, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, structure dynamic, propulsion. The project will investigate challenging, fundamental problems in aerospace science and technology under the guidance of his or her supervisor.

The target is to train high-level innovative talents who have a good knowledge of international common sense, with the ability of spreading Chinese and foreign cultures occupied, so that to bring international graduate students into full play as a cultural bridge.

The basic length of schooling for master students is 2 years. In principle, students should complete the courses in the first academic year. Thesis work time should not be less than one year. The maximum length of study for master students is extended by 0.5 years on the basis of 2 years.

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