Mandarin Programs
Chinese Language & Culture
4 Years +
(September 4 years )
Application fee: $150
About this course

The Chinese Language Department is committed to the undergraduate program of Chinese Language provided to foreign students, with four concentrations respectively on Chinese Language, Business Chinese, International Business (bilingual: Chinese & English) and International Business( bilingual: Chinese & Japanese). It admits overseas Chinese and foreign students holding diplomas from senior high schools or above and with their native language not to be Chinese.

The Business Program aims at training the students’ ability of business Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing; familiarizing them with general knowledge and basic theories of modern business and Chinese modern business society and culture; imparting the knowledge of development of all aspects of Chinese economy and society to them. The curriculum also helps the students achieve the ability to conduct intercultural and business communication in Chinese, conduct survey and work under intercultural business environment and have the potential to develop into high level talented personnel excelling in China-related economic and trade cooperation.

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