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2-3 Years
(2 years)
Application fee: $150
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The Department of Politics at East China Normal University accepts applications to its 2-year research-oriented Master of Law in Politics. in Politics programs, as offered through the International Graduate Program in Politics. Students who want to study above the undergraduate level in China but are not looking to acquire a graduate degree may apply for a short-term course of study, one or two semesters in all, leading to a graduate certificate. Students actively enrolled at another university are also welcome to apply, as Research Fellows, to complement their studies with the resources which the International Graduate Program in Politics at ECNU has to offer.

The International Graduate Program in Politics has its office on ECNU's main campus in Shanghai. The program focus is Chinese politics. The program's scope is either wide or narrow depending on the interests of the student. As an arm of the Department of Politics, the International Graduate Program in Politics gives its students direct reach of access to all these experts, both as professors teaching courses and also as research and thesis advisors.

Classes offered by other departments cross-listed to be taught in English may be taken each semester. If you have enough Chinese to participate in classes not taught in English you will be encouraged to do so. Mandarin language classes are taught each semester free of charge. These classes are not mandatory but degree-seekers will be required to pass the HSK Level 4 Examination in order to graduate.

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