2-3 Years
(2 - 2.5 years)
Application fee: $150
About this course

In recent years, the discipline construction has achieved leapfrog developments, with the international influence rising significantly. According to the ESI evaluation retrieval data of academic influence of subjects, chemistry in BIT is ranked 405th out of the global 1053 institutions which are in the TOP1% of this system, and 26th out of the 71 universities in China, which is one of the important bases of chemical scientific research and talents training at home and abroad.

On the basis of the projects conducted by the school, we have developed a discipline for this program: Chemistry. This discipline involves coordination chemistry, advanced topics in organic chemistry, new energy technology, nano-science and technology, x-ray crystallography, supramolecular chemistry, and so on.

The basic length of schooling for master students is 2 years. In principle, students should complete the courses in the first academic year. Thesis work time should not be less than one year. The maximum length of study for master students is extended by 0.5 years on the basis of 2 years.

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