Chinese Language & Culture
2-3 Years
(2 years )
Application fee: $150
About this course

Emphasizing cutting-edge research on international relations and regional issues, School of Advanced International and Area Studies (SAIAS) at Eastern China Normal University's (ECNU) is dedicated to training and educating Masters in the field of international studies for careers in think tanks, government, and multinational corporations.

SAIAS specializes in studies of Russia and Eurasia, co-development with neighboring countries, American studies, European studies, among other themes. In addition to area studies, SAIAS also promotes teaching and research about topics in international relations, such as great power relations, social transition, international strategy, international relations theory, and international political economy.

Aiming to bring its research and teaching to an even higher level, SAIAS is committed to undertaking research and training projects, offering consultation services, and facilitating international cooperation and exchange.

The International Graduate Program in Contemporary China Studies (CCS) is specifically designed for overseas students having an interest in deepening their knowledge about China's politics, economics, and diplomacy. Designed to introduce students to China's domestic and international politics, the program will provide students with the theoretical toolkit, practical knowledge, and analytical capacity that they need to succeed in a global world

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