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The International Graduate Program in Politics (IGPP) in the Department of Politics at East China Normal University (ECNU) offers a graduate certificate program and a research fellowship for master's. Some limited financial support is available for these programs, including free housing.

Each semester, the IGPP offers at least six English-based courses open to master's and cross-lists several more provided by the departments of Anthropology, History, International Relations, Philosophy, and Chinese as a Second Language. If capable, then students are also welcome to enroll in courses taught entirely in Chinese.

Working with an advisor, students must complete a study plan including 15 credits, which is generally equal to five courses, not including Mandarin language instruction, which is provided nonetheless and which students are encouraged to attend. At least 12 credits must be completed in IGPP courses; students can receive 3 credits for cross-listed coursework.

The certificate program has three basic aims:

1) provide a structured curriculum for exchange students and others who want a credential in Chinese politics to complement their studies in their home institutions;

2) provide a training program for expat professionals and others who want training in Chinese politics; and

3) provide a basis for encouraging students to progress towards one of our degree programs. In this last respect, students can apply all credits earned during the graduate certificate to an MA or PhD course of study as long as they matriculate in either program within two years of completing the certificate.

It is possible for students to complete all credits within a single semester. Although the courses schedule vary from term to term, courses that may be offered include:

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