2-3 Years
(2 - 2.5 years)
Application fee: $150
About this course

Control Science and Engineering studies on moving objects, industrial equipment and human-computer object fusion systems. It aims to enhance the ability of human beings to understand and change the world. This discipline uses the knowledge of information technology, computer technology, test technology, artificial intelligence and basic knowledge of research objects to do research on system modeling, dynamic analysis, prediction, control and decision making. The discipline focuses on the combination of theoretical research and engineering applications, interdisciplinary research and military-civilian integration, and has played a major role in the development of our national economy and the defense of national security.

The main research directions of this discipline are:

(1) Test Technology and Automation Equipment: Advanced technology for sensors and testing; Transmission and control of electricity, liquid and gas; New-type actuators and automation equipment; Intelligent instruments and controllers; Integration and networking of measurement and control systems; Fault diagnosis and tolerance of measurement and control systems.

(2) Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems: Intelligent control and intelligent systems; Computational intelligence and optimal decision making; Pattern recognition and machine learning; Image comprehension and computer vision; Multi-Agent synergetic control; Command control and decision systems; Intelligent control of unmanned systems; Distributed simulation of complex systems.

(3)Navigation, Guidance and Control: Inertial navigation for positioning and orientation; Integral navigation and intelligent navigation; Inertial devices and system testing; Bionic navigation; Geophysical field information matching assisted navigation; Guidance, control and simulation of aircraft; New-type inertial devices; Multi-source navigation information sharing and control.

(4) Control Theory and Control Engineering: Modeling, control, optimization, decision and simulation of complex systems; Robust control and self-adaptive control; Nonlinear filtering and control; Integrated control and optimization of engineering systems; Design and analysis of motion control systems; Advanced control theory and methodologies; Biomedical information processing; Autonomous control of unmanned systems.

(5) Intelligent Information Processing and Control: Systems engineering theory and its applications; Modeling, optimization and synthesis of systems; Analysis and control of complex systems; Network information processing and control; Neural network and deep learning; Fault diagnosis and reliability analysis; cloud control systems and its application. (6) Electrical Engineering and Control: Power electronic conversion and control; Motor control and new-type motor design; High precision servo control; Renewable energy technology and its applications; New energy power systems and control; Control and management of smart grid; Theory and new technology of electrical engineering

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