Mandarin Programs
Chinese Language & Culture
(Fall Semester: September - January Spring March - July)
Application fee: $150
About this course

Intensive Chinese Language Program Introduction

UIBE is the fi­rst university in China to start the intensive Chinese language training program. Through scienti­fic and high-intensity curriculum arrangement and unique flexible inside and outside class teaching approaches, the program helps student make great progress in their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a short term.

Program Feature

1. It presents the combination of collective and individualized teaching, and integration of classroom teaching and extra-curricular activities.

2. Students can improve Chinese language abilities rapidly through large amount of learning materials, dense knowledge points and high-intensity training.

3. The program also adopts relatively closed management mode to help students avoid the mother tongue interference, and quickly improve Chinese communication skills.

4. The program arranges targeted reviews and previews strictly based on the teaching plans.

5. All the students can apply to enjoy free experiential learning through "Business Chinese Self-study and Self-evaluation System".

6. All the students can participate in the HSK remedial classes for free.

7. The program monthly organizes students to attend the language practices like Chinese Corner, debating contest, and speech contest; the program also arranges students for sightseeing to Chinese scenic spots and historical monuments and museums, visiting the enterprises and communities, and experiencing the Chinese culture and cuisines.

Class Scale

8-12 persons/Large class

4-6 persons/Small class

Courses Offered

34 class hours/week, 16 weeks/semester

Tuition Fee US$2950/semester US$5725/academic year

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