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( Spring Semester: February – May Fall Semester: September – next January)
Application fee: $150
About this course

Intensive Foundation Course for Bachelor's Program Spring

Training Objective

Through one academic year or only one spring semester's full-time study in intensive foundation course, students can improve their abilities in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, English and mathematics, and ­finally achieve the entry level of Bachelor’s programs offered in Chinese at UIBE.

Program Feature

1. Students can make a rapid breakthrough in their Chinese language learning with an intensive and high-efficiency method.

2. The program makes full use of various training methods to improve students’ Chinese application ability through abundant lectures and practices.

3. According to different requirements of each learning stage, the program provides a series of auxiliary trainings, including listening, speaking, Chinese characters, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, so as to improve students' Chinese communication skills from different aspects. The program sets up Q&A self-study course every week to help students review or preview.

4. According to academic characteristics and requirements of Bachelor's programs in UIBE, the program also sets mathematics and English courses to promote students' comprehensive abilities.

5. All the students can apply to enjoy free experiential learning through "Business Chinese Self-study and Self-evaluation System".

6. All the students can participate in the HSK remedial classes for free.

7. Students shall take the regular tests each month in spring semester, and excellent students will move up to Bachelor's programs directly.

Class Scale

Big one: 8-12 students/class

Small one: 4-6 students/class

Conditions of Moving up to Bachelor’s Programs

Students in intensive foundation course can move up to Bachelor's programs directly if they:

1. Observe school rules and regulations;

2. Meet appropriate requirements in three monthly tests of spring semester.

Courses Offered

Spring semester: 14 weeks/academic semester

Fall semester: 16 weeks/academic semester

Chinese: 32 class hours per week (including 2 class hours Q&A self-study)

Mathematics: 2 class hours per week

English: 3 class hours per week

Tuition Fee: US$2900/semester US$5700/academic year

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