2-3 Years
(2 years)
Application fee: $150
About this course

1. Teaching Objectives

To meet the requirements of electronic and communication engineering talents for global IT industry, this program is responsible for the education and training of senior specialized and administrative expertise in electronics and communication engineering fields, which includes communication and information system, signal and information processing, mobile communication system, wireless communication, and circuit and system, etc.

2. Specifications & Requirements

The candidates of this program should have the following knowledge and ability:

◆They should be proficient in the composition, basic theory, basic principle, design method and advanced technology of electronic and communication system;

◆They should be proficient in the systematic structure, basic function, testing and maintenance service of wireless communication network;

◆They should have independent ability to design and debug, analyze and integrate, investigate and develop, and manage and make policy in electronic and communication engineering;

◆They should have the ability to track the latest development of electronic and communication engineering, and to explore the new technology and new system of electronic and communication engineering.

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