2-3 Years
(2 - 2.5 years )
Application fee: $150
About this course

The School of Information and Electronics embraces comprehensive and logical postgraduate education disciplines and framework. The school now has 2 disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, and 8 sub-disciplines.

The school holds the development strategy of “Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, and Competiveness ”. Basing on Innovation, competing with teamwork, embracing openness and magnanimity in mind, the school is stepping forward to become a high level research university of “leading in China, and famous in the world”. The construction and development of the school always focus on two core issues: The first one is constructing high-level disciplines. Factors such as echelon, direction, scientific research, talent cultivation, academic exchange, and funds for construction are all comprehensive reflections of school’ abilities and influences; The second one is cultivating high-quality talents. This factor is not directly reflected in the reports such as discipline construction. However, it is a primary factor on the future development of school. Postgraduate education is a key component of high-quality talents cultivation, for its quality directly influences the realization constructing a high level research university of “featured by national defense science and technology, and lead by science and engineering”. Therefore, the school never forget to implement these development ideas in postgraduate education, and attaches great importance on enhancing postgraduate academic education and nurturing innovative consciousness and abilities.

The school always put great efforts on the construction of tutor teams, providing of teaching and researching conditions, and many other aspects, so as to offer policy support and condition assurance for the development of postgraduate education.

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