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About this course

The School of Law adheres to the "Law + Technology" training model, and cultivates high-level, international, and interdisciplinary legal talents. The School of Law now provides a Master program of International Law.

Based on Beijing Institute of Technology's (BIT) advantage in science and technology in national defense field, School of Law has developed expertise on subjects of International Law, especially Space Law. Its Space Law program holds a leading position in China and has a great reputation in the international space law community. The “National Administration of Space Law Center” was established in BIT in 2016.

International Law focuses on International Human Rights Law, Public International Law, International Economic Law, International Space Law, Comparative Contract Law, and Immigration Law etc. Economic analysis of Law focuses on the economic analysis of legal system and legal practice. It suggests to make use of economic principles and methods, especially cost and profit, to analyze legal system and legal issues.

The target is to train high-level innovative talents who have a good knowledge of international social practices, with the ability of linking Chinese and foreign cultures, so as to bring international graduate students into full play as a cultural bridge.

The basic length of schooling for master students is 2 years. In principle, students should complete the courses in the first academic year. Thesis work time should not be less than one year. The maximum length of study for master students is extended by 0.5 years on the basis of 2 years.

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