Scholarship & University

Earn your graduate degree abroad at a Chinese university. For FREE.
Check out student life in China—visit universities, learn about scholarships (plus how to win), and sightsee. You'll love it!

This 8-day tour to Beijing and Shanghai is designed
to give a quick overview of graduate school scholarship
opportunities in China and a peek into student life and future
opportunities here.

What you’ll get up to
University Campus Visits
Scholarship & Application
Intro to China & Cultural
Understanding Seminar
Dinners with Chinese
and International students
Epic Sightseeing
Job & Working in China Seminar
This tour is for anyone who is
  • Interested in earning a Masters Degree, potentially abroad.
  • Looking for a full-ride scholarship (tuition, housing,
    and a monthly stipend).
  • Wants to stand out on their resume/CV after graduation.
  • Curious about China.
  • Interested in international business.
  • Is looking for something different after graduation.
  • Perhaps is not sure what to do after graduation!?
  • Likes Chinese food.
Why study in China
  • Chinese universities are climbing the world rankings every year.
  • Programs are taught in English—you don’t already have to speak Chinese.
  • Tuition is low, living costs are even lower.
  • There are plenty of scholarships available.
  • Having an understanding of Chinese culture will set your CV apart.
  • Opens doors to a lot of employment opportunities.
  • Vibrant, active student social life.
  • Endless adventure and travel opportunities.
Tour Dates
March 21-29 (Limited Availability)
July 15-23
September 8-16
June 16-24
August 11-19
What’s Included?
The Trip Basics
  • Accommodation (including 1-night camping
    on the Great Wall of China)
  • In-country transport
  • Meals
  • Sightseeing & guides
The Informative Stuff
  • 5 University Site Visits
  • Scholarship Application Coaching
  • Networking Event
  • Social Events with Chinese and
  • International Students
The Sightseeing Essentials
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Forbidden City
  • Tiananmen Square
  • The Bund
  • Lujiazui Financial District
  • People’s Square
  • And more...
---------- Tour Price: US$950 - $100 discount for signing up with a friend! ----------
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