Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

Beijing Foreign Studies University 北京外国语大学 Běijīng Wàiguóyǔ Dàxué

The Beijing Foreign studies University is the premier location for language study in China. Located in Beijing’s Haidian District, the BFSU campus is part of the city’s “University Neighborhood.” The school has 5088 undergraduate students, 2559 postgraduate students and 1326 international students. True to its name, Beijing Foreign Studies University is one of China’s most internationally-minded and diverse institutions making it a top choice for international students planning to study in Beijing.

BFSU was founded by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1941. And was the first university in China dedicated to the study of foreign languages. As such, it has enjoyed support from various government initiatives since its founding. Most notably, BFSU was one of the schools selected to take part in China’s “Project 211” initiative to boost research standards, and is currently a member of the “Double First Class Universities Plan” which provides funding and support for the development of world-class universities in China by 2050.

The university offers the widest variety of language study in China—83 languages in total! In addition to language study, BFSU offers courses in other fields related to international relations, such as: translation and interpretation, international economics and trade, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In total the university offers 97 bachelor’s programs, 63 master’s programs, 18 doctoral programs and one post-doctoral program. BFSU boasts having 41 of the Ministry of Education’s research centers, one research center under China’s National Language Committee, one of China’s philosophy and social science research bases, and one “key research base” as designated by the Ministry of Education.

Beijing Foreign Studies University has a long history of international collaboration. Of its 668 faculty members, 172 are international faculty drawn from 44 different countries. The university has over 400 partnerships with international universities and academic institutions in 88 different countries worldwide. BFSU also sponsors 22 Confucius Institutes in universities abroad. The university has dormitories especially prepared for foreign scholars and the IES Study Abroad Beijing Center is located on its campus.

The BFSU campus’ hallmark building is its library. The six-floor building’s façade has the word “library” carved into it in 55 different languages symbolizing the university’s international outlook. The glass roof over the main hall is decorated with Chinese characters creating a shadowed “sea of knowledge.” The grand stairway from the main hall leads into a “mountain of books”—a reference to the Chinese saying “Diligence is the path to the mountain of knowledge.” This particular “mountain of knowledge” includes a staggering 1.264 million books, 482,000 electronic books, 1,174 electronic periodicals, and 56 databases.

The campus is split into two sections, east and west, divided by the Third Ring Road. The East Campus contains spacious athletic grounds, parks, the library, and sculptures. Aside from the library, some highlights include the Lotus Pond, and the Zayed Center for Arabic and Islamic Studies. The West Campus has a more relaxed feel and is known for its cheap canteens and quiet dorms. The area around the campus is very student-focused with lots of quiet study spots—Old Bike Café is a favorite—and lively pubs.

From Arabic to Zulu, the Beijing Foreign Studies University is the most prestigious location for language study in China. With consistent government backing and myriad international connections, BFSU is one of the most dynamic places to study in China.

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