Beijing Sport University (BSU)

北京体育大学 Běijīng Tǐyù Dàxué

The 2008 Summer Olympics were 21st Century China’s ‘coming out party.’ And, in 2022, Beijing will become the first ever city to host both a summer and winter Olympic games. Many of the students now hoping to apply to a Chinese university were first introduced to China during the 2008 Olympiad. Studying at Beijing Sport University would offer a front row seat for the run-up to the 2022 games.

Beijing Sport University was founded in 1953 as the Central Institute of Physical Education. It got its current name in 1993. As the only university in China offering Category I sports science programs, the university has been the recipient of generous funding from the central government. Beijing Sport University is a member Project 211 and is the only sports university in the “111 Overseas Intellectual Resource Introduction Program.” BSU is under the direct leadership of the General Administration of Sport of China and is listed as one of China’s National Key Universities. The endowments BSU has gained from these and other initiatives has led to healthy development and in 2015 the CUAA ranked BSU as an “elite university” with a six-star rating.

Students at Beijing Sport University may choose to study anything related to athletics, such as sport journalism, kinesiology, sports psychology, or sports tourism. In addition, BSU also offers course and degrees in China-specific fields. The university offers a major in traditional Chinese sports, and even has a department of Wushu (traditional Chinese martial arts which includes Kungfu). All of the Beijing Sport University’s programs are holistic, seeking to combine medical knowledge, and business studies with more traditional sports education.

BSU is home to the National Teams Training Center, the largest athletic training complex in Asia. The center has a Taekwondo hall, a track and field hall, a trampoline hall, and a rhythmic gymnastics hall. The campus has many other top-notch athletic facilities including a hydrotherapy center and rehabilitation research facilities.

BSU currently has over 14,000 students and 1,027 faculty members. By 2015, BSU teachers and students had won a collective 73 Olympic gold medals. In the last four Olympic games alone, BSU teachers and students have won 30 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals.

If you’re looking for a chance to be taught by a professor who is also an Olympic gold medalist, Beijing Sport University is for you. The school offers well-rounded and multidisciplinary sports education programs to ensure that its legacy of success continues.

Long Term Single room US$10-12 per person per room

Short Term Single room US$14 per person per room

Long Term Double Room US$6 per person per room

Short Term Double Room US$14per person per room