Beijing Forestry University (BFU)

北京林业大学 Běijīng Línyè Dàxué

The Beijing Forestry University is China’s best university to study forestry, conservation, landscape architecture, forest biology and other forestry-related fields. The school also offers many courses in non-forestry fields as diverse as computer science, law, and psychology. Beijing Forestry University offers international students exciting opportunities such as an English-taught master’s program and unique research laboratories.

BFU was founded in 1902 as the Forestry Section of the Agriculture Department of the Imperial University of Beijing. Over the fifty years that followed, the school became an independent university and annexed the forestry departments of China’s top universities. As a “National Key University” in the 1960s and a member of “Project 211” in the 1990s the university has received generous funding from the Chinese government and has grown into the modern, comprehensive institution it is today.

Although the university is now fully comprehensive, it is still the school’s preeminence in the field of forestry that attracts the majority of students. Adding to BFU’s reputation in this field is the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Tree Breeding by Molecular Design (BAICFTBMD). BAICFTBMD seeks to pursue theoretical and practical advances in the field of forestry by utilizing the latest technology in single-cell sequencing and genome editing science. BAICFTBMD is also an environmentally conscious center and researchers are engaged in the preservation of critical tree species.

One of the biggest opportunities BFU offers to international students is a two-year master’s program in Forestry Economy and Management taught entirely in English. The program requires students to write a dissertation and gives students access to all of BFU’s resources including the university’s tree farm and comprehensive library.

BFU is located near the famous Zhongguancun area—often called ‘China’s silicon valley.’ Being located further from the city center has allowed the university the space to develop the well-equipped campus it has today. The campus has a gymnasium and sports facilities as well as generous outdoor spaces.

Students interested in forestry should consider applying to the Beijing Forestry University. As one of the top-ranking forestry-focused institutions in China, it offers amazing research opportunities and a welcoming environment for international students.

International students are able to live in on campus domitories with double rooms including bathroom, shower, TV, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner, wardrobe, desk, and the network facilities. (No cooking is allowed in the room). The water and electric bill will be paid by the students. Students can also choose to live off campus.

Double room: US$9 per person per day

Shared twin room: US$12 per person per day