Donghua University (DHU)

东华大学 Dōnghuá Dàxué)

Donghua University is located in Shanghai and was established in 1951 and was originally known as the East China Institute of Technology. Donghua University was selected for the Ministry of Education of China for the Project 211, which means the University will be undergoing substantial government investment and renovations in the coming years. The University is particularly known for its programs in Engineering, Business, Management, and Design. Donghua University presents a wonderful student life and quality of education for those that are looking for university degrees in China.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Donghua University was one of the first universities within China to accept international students in the 1950’s. For this reason, the University has an established program with accepting foreign students. Donghua University has international partnerships with over 60 universities around the globe. Some examples of these partnerships are the Donghua-Carelton IMBA, Sino-German Education for Bachelor’s Degree of Light Chemical Engineering, and the Sino-Japan Education for Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design & Engineering.

Currently, Donghua University has 30,000 students and a faculty of over 2,700 professors. The University has two campuses that are located in Shanghai. One is located in Changning District and the other is located in Songjiang District in Shanghai. The campus in Songjiang District hosts most of the Bachelor courses. The University has 14 schools to include: College of Textile Engineering, College of Fashion & Art Design, College of Material Science & Engineering, Glorious-Sun School of Business & Management, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Information Science & Technology, College of Chemical & Biological Engineering, College of Environmental Science & Engineering, College of Sciences, College of Humanities, College of Foreign Languages, College of Marxism, Division of Sports, International Cultural Exchange School, Shanghai International College of Fashion & Innovation.

Donghua University has a large endowment for scientific research. Their primary areas of research are: Textile Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry, Dyeing & Fashion Design & Engineering. What is impressive about Donghua University is that the research center works on integrating fashion with engineering. For example, the University was developing materials for space suits. Due to the success of the spacesuits, more research initiatives have started such as: textile, aviation, raw materials, spaceflight, agriculture, architecture information, medical, environmental protection, and healthcare.

Final Remarks

Donghua University is an ideal fit for students that are looking to make major innovations in the Textile, Fashion, and Engineering sectors. Additionally, it is a great option for foreign students that want to study in China since the University has a long and established history with taking students from many countries around the globe since the 1950’s. The location in Shanghai is a great choice in terms of the fashion industry because there are many factories nearby for those looking to network with firms who have a strong presence in the textile industry. It is an ideal time to study in a unique University such as Donghua University in China due to the economic boom that is currently taking place. Be sure to consider Donghua University if you are looking for a University that combines a hint of creative artistic study integrated into scientific applications.

Only the enrolled full-time international students can live in the International Students Apartments. New students should make the reservation by logging in the online application account after being admitted by the university. Currently enrolled students also need to make the online reservation for the next semester within the designated time. Rooms are allocated and cannot be changed.

Yan'An Road Campus

There are three International Student Apartment buildings with over 900 beds available on Yan'an Road campus. All the rooms are equipped with private bathroom, furniture, air conditioner, telephone, TV set, fridge and Internet jack. In the public areas, there are washing machines, microwave oven, hot and cold water dispenser and electronic stoves, common room, laundry service, self-study lounge and activity room

Single Room US$15 per person per night Double Room US$8 per person per night Multiple Room US$6 per person per night (3 or 4 sharing)

Song Jiang Campus

No.5 International Male Student Dorm Building US$8 per person per night. 80 triple or twin rooms. Each room is equipped with TV set, fridge and internet jack. A public bathroom and a public kitchen (washing machines, water dispenser, microwave oven, electromagnetic stoves) locate on each floor. US$15 electricity subsidies will be offered to each student, but extra utility fees should be paid by themselves.

Teachers’ Home for Female Students US$8 per person per night. 50 single rooms. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, TV set, fridge, internet jack.There are public kitchens (washing machine, water dispenser and microwave oven) in the building.

Students should apply an internet account from telecom company like China telecom, China mobile etc, internet price is about US$15 per month.

Off Campus and Home Stays are available.