Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

哈尔滨工程大学 Hāěrbīn Gōngchéng Dàxué

Harbin Engineering University was founded in 1953. It was one of the first universities within the state to authorize both Master’s degrees and Doctoral degrees in China due to China’s profound development in the Engineering sectors in the recent decades. Currently the University offers over 150 different degree programs and 48 of those programs are taught in English, which is among the most attractive for international students applying to study within China. The University has a student population of 24,979 undergraduate students and 8,788 graduate students. The primary specialty of the University is related to Engineering and Marine studies. For Engineering students that are looking for a unique cultural, yet strong Engineering-focused degree program in China, Harbin Engineering University is the ideal choice to pursue.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Harbin Engineering University is famous for the international partnerships and collaborations that it has made. The University began accepting foreign students in 2000 and now has hosted students from Russia, Korea, Canada, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, the University has established relationships with at least 20 different international universities. This enables Harbin Engineering University to recruit diverse research projects, organize prestigious visiting scholars, and sustain cooperative research development.

In terms of academia, some of the degrees that can be obtained in an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral capacity are in the fields of: Economics, Literature, Management, Science, and Engineering. Even though the University has a primary focus on the Sciences and Engineering, there are diverse options for students to explore elective courses in order to obtain a well-rounded university education.

Harbin Engineering University has an intense focus on the following areas of Engineering: Engineering in Shipbuilding, Nuclear Power, Information & Communications, and Hydroacoustics. Within Harbin Engineering University, there are over 40 different research centers to choose from. Among the most notable are: the Deepwater Engineering Research Center and the Nuclear Power Safety and Simulation Introduction Base. These research focuses directly relate to hot and powerful Engineering industries within China that will be relevant for the next class of graduates to potentially face in their careers, which make Harbin Engineering University an incredible value for both international and Chinese students to consider.

Final Remarks

For students that are looking to heavily focus on Engineering, Harbin Engineering University is one of the most prestigious universities to do so within China. The other aspect that is important is that Harbin Engineering University constantly has unique research opportunities to grow in the Engineering profession. Given that China is now on the forefront of innovative Engineering projects around the globe, Harbin Engineering University offers opportunities to obtain strong professional connections, potential internship opportunities, and Chinese language skills. The English level in Harbin is not as prominent as Beijing, which enables Engineering students from abroad to truly immerse themselves in the Chinese language. Thus, when considering a strong institution to apply to for a beneficial Engineering-based program, it is important that you consider applying to and studying at Harbin Engineering University in Harbin, China.

Apartment for International Students is in the East Campus

Single Room per person per month US$95 paid by semester. One week check-in is allowed before the semester begins.

Renting outside the campus is allowed.