Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

哈尔滨工业大学 Hāěrbīn Gōngyè Dàxué

Harbin Institute of Technology was founded in 1920 in Harbin, China and is classified as one of the top places to pursue university degrees in China that focus on Science and Engineering. In fact, Harbin Institute of Technology was ranked 6th in terms of Best Global Universities for Engineering and is one of the only universities in the world to have designed, built, and launched their own satellites in 2004, 2008, and 2013. Be sure to consider Harbin Institute of Technology in your university search if you are a Science or Engineering major.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Harbin Institute of Technology is a C9 League University and is a member of the University Alliance of the Silk Road. The campuses are divided in terms of discipline. In 1985, there was a new campus established in Weihai and then in 2000, the Harbin University of Architecture merged into that campus. For Graduate students, there was a campus constructed in Shenzhen in 2002. In terms of specializations, the main campus in Harbin focuses on Engineering with a particular focus on Defense, Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, and Material Engineering. The Weihai Campus is located in one of the hubs of Information Technology, thus, it focuses on Science and Technology with particular focuses available in: Marine Science, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Automotive, Software, Computer, and Management. The Shenzhen campus has the Graduate programs and also has research institutes in partnership with Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Hong University.

Harbin Institute of Technology has incredible research projects in the Aerospace sector. One minor planet is named after the Harbin Institute of Technology and was named the “Hagongda Star” for the University’s achievements. Harbin Institute of Technology has close ties to the People’s Liberation Army and the Space Program of China. It has the best defense research in the country. Lastly, it has made major research contributions to the Chinese Shenzhou Spacecraft Project.

In 2009, Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators ranked Harbin Institute of Technology among the top 1% in the subjects of Chemistry, Engineering, Material Science, and Physics. In total, Harbin Institute of Technology has 2,900 full time professors and researchers. As of 2009, the funding from the government, industry, and business sectors reached over $233 million USD.

Final Remarks

Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the best places to attend in China for students that are interested in Aerospace, Defense, and Engineering. Due to China’s prominence in global technology and innovation, Harbin Institute of Technology is going to be one of the top universities to study worldwide due to its prestigious established research history and substantial financial contributions. Additionally, since it is a member of the University Alliance of the Silk Road, Harbin Institute of Technology is set to establish partnerships with former nations on the Silk Road, which will be sensational for development and research on an international scale in emerging markets. If you are considering studying Engineering or Science, Harbin Institute of Technology is a fantastic program for you to consider that will provide you with excellent research experience for your future career.

Double Rooms on Campus are available.