Inner Mongolia University (IMU)

内蒙古大学 Nèiměnggǔ Dàxué

Inner Mongolia University was founded in 1957 in Hohhot, which is the capital city of Inner Mongolia. The University is unique in that it offers programs that are taught in both Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese in addition to English coursework. The University takes its regional culture very seriously, which makes the University a very distinct experience to have while studying in China.

Notable Programs & Campuses within China

Currently, the University has four different campuses. The total size of the campuses is 1,990 thousand square meters and within those campuses, there are 20 different colleges to choose from. Within those 20 colleges are 92 programs for Master’s degrees and 59 different undergraduate majors. Inner Mongolia University also has partnerships with 20 foreign universities in an effort to grow their international student base while simultaneously offering more global opportunities to their domestic students.

The colleges that are most notable focus on subjects such as: Humanities, Foreign Languages, Economics & Management, Law, Science & Technology, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Life Sciences, Computer Science & Technology, Education, Arts, Public Policy & Management, and Business.

Within the University, there are several notable publications that are very unique. The first is Inner Mongolia University Press, which began publishing works in both Chinese and Mongolian in 1985. It typically publishes 120 books annually. Recently, it has expanded its publications to Russian, Japanese, and English as well. The second publication is the Journal of Inner Mongolia University, which publishes Humanities and Social Sciences in Chinese, Natural Sciences in Chinese, and various subjects in Mongolian.

In terms of sports, the University is famous for their track and field games that occur every Spring. For students that enjoy athletic activities, this is a great part of student life to be involved in that can help to make friends between domestic and international students.

Student life on campus celebrates a wonderful combination of Chinese and Mongolian culture. This is an experience that will not be found in many other universities within China due to the location of Inner Mongolia University and the unique cultural history there. In May of each year, Inner Mongolia University hosts the Inner Mongolia University Cultural Festival. There are many cultural booths at this festival and it is possible for foreign students to learn about the local cultural traditions within Inner Mongolia.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Inner Mongolia University offers a rare cultural experience that would serve students well that want to go into business with Mongolia, Russia, China, and Japan. This is particularly true for those in the sciences and engineering sectors due to the many trade agreements in this region. This university is also great for a foreign student that wants to pursue a unique PhD to a program abroad about Mongolian culture and their historical link to Chinese culture. If either of these options are what you are pursuing, then Inner Mongolia University is a wonderful choice to pursue your post-secondary education while studying in the Inner Mongolia region of China.

International Student Dormitories

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Double Room US$2 per person per day