Liaoning University (LNU)

辽宁大学 Liáoníng Dàxué

Liaoning University is located in the northern part of Shenyang and is one of the most prestigious universities that is a member of China’s “Project 211.” Liaoning University was formed in 1948 when Shenyang Normal College, Northeast Institute of Finance and Economics, and the Shenyang Institute of Russian merged into one university. For students that are interested in pursuing prestigious yet diverse university degrees in China, Liaoning University is an exceptional choice to consider.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Liaoning University has fifteen different colleges to include: College of Economics, College of Liberal Arts, College of Business Administration, College of Foreign Languages, College of Philosophy and Public Administration, College of Radio and Television, College of Chemical Science and Engineering, College of Law, College of Information Science and Technology, College of Higher Professional Techniques, College of Adult Education, College of Foreign Students, and College of Self-Study Students of Humanities and Professional Techniques.

In total, the University has 43 Undergraduate disciplines, 53 Master’s degree disciplines, which include an MBA and a JM. In terms of Post-Doctoral options, the University has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theoretical Economics and research centers focusing on Economics and Humanities-based subjects.

The University currently has a student population of 18,700 students that is divided between undergraduates, graduates, and foreign students. Liaoning University has established global partnerships with over 40 different schools and research institutions in 14 countries. Additionally, Liaoning University has a foreign student population that is hovering around 5,000 per year that come from countries to include: Russia, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, the Republic of Korea, and Thailand.

Liaoning University has a library that possesses over 1.6 million volumes. Within those 1.6 million volumes, over 300 are classified as rare and treasured books, which have been affirmed by the United Nations. In addition to the library, Liaoning University also has a Museum of Natural History and a Museum of History. Both museums have a collection of over 2,000 pieces of art treasures and 11,000 pieces of biological specimens.

Final Remarks

Liaoning University is an excellent choice for both foreign and Chinese students that are looking to find an institution where they can combine courses between the Humanities and Science disciplines. Since Liaoning University is a member of the “Project 211,” it is receiving impressive funding and projects for development from the Chinese government. This, combined with the rich historic resources available on campus, create an incredible environment for students to focus on completing their University education. In terms of career opportunities and networking, the research opportunities on campus create excellent Internships for students along with Chinese and multinational companies that are actively recruiting on campus. Lastly, in terms of language exchange, foreign students will be able to pursue incredible language exchange opportunities in a city that is smaller and has less exposure to languages other than Chinese. Thus, for students that are looking for an educational experience in a city that has a more direct language and cultural immersion, Liaoning University is the ideal choice to pursue.

Youyuan International Students Dormitory in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

All these rooms are equipped with toilet, bathroom, and internet access

Single Room US$6.50 per person per day

Double Room US$3.50 per person per day

Dining US$140 per month