Nanjing University (NJU)

南京大学 Nánjīng Dàxué

Nanjing University is one of the oldest academic institutions in China. Since its founding, Nanjing University has been on the forefront of international academic collaboration, most notably through its partnership with Johns Hopkins University. Nanjing University is a top selection for many international students seeking a university in China with history and prestige.

Nanjing University was formally founded in 1902, during the Qing Dynasty. In the 1920’s it evolved into a modern university, becoming the first modern institution in China to combine teaching and research. The surrounding city of Nanjing itself has a proud and long history and is known as one of the four great capitals of ancient China.

Nanjing University is known primarily for pioneering international academic collaboration in China. This is exemplified by its 32 year-long relationship with Johns Hopkins University. The Johns Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies was the first international collaboration project to be established in modern China and serves as the model for similar programs in other Chinese universities. Jointly run by the two universities, the program offers a master’s degree in International Studies taught entirely in English. The center also offers two certificate programs taught in English and allows students to spend some of their time in Nanjing and some at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. Aside from the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Nanjing University has partnerships with 136 other universities spread across every continent. Nanjing University currently has 3,216 international students enrolled and is pursuing a broad variety of initiatives to attract more students from across the globe.

Nanjing University stands out for its research, study of Chinese language, and natural sciences programs. In terms of research, Nanjing University is home to 1 national laboratory, 7 national key laboratories, 8 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, and 4 Ministry of Education key bases for research in humanities and social sciences. Many of Nanjing University’s professors are members of prestigious Chinese academies, including 28 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and 10 National Distinguished Teachers. Nanjing University is consistently ranked as one of the top two locations for study of the Chinese language and Chinese literature. The Global Nature Index ranks Nanjing University as number 10 in the world for the study of natural sciences and number 2 in China.

Nanjing University has ranked impressively in other measures as well. QS World University Rankings placed Nanjing University number 115th in the world in 2017. 16 of Nanjing University’s disciplines rank in the top 1% of ESI’s worldwide rankings, and three of their disciplines are ranked number one within China by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center.

Nanjing University is a member of the C9 League, which is analogous to the USA’s Ivy League or the UK’s Oxbridge Universities. As such, Nanjing University’s culture is one of pride and legacy. The two main campuses, Gulou and Xianlin, feature a mixture of traditional Chinese architecture and ivy-covered walls. The school’s motto is “Sincerity with aspiration, Perseverance with integrity” reflecting a commitment both to advanced academic goals and genuine practice.

As one of China’s oldest institutions, Nanjing University has established itself on the forefront of teaching and research in China. Nanjing University has also been the site of some of the biggest developments in Chinese history in terms of international academic collaboration. For a student seeking an Ivy League experience in China, Nanjing University is a premier choice.

On Campus Dorms

Students on full Chinese Government Scholarship could get free accommodation.

Gulou Campus is located in downtown Nanjing

Xi Yuan International Students Dorms

Single Rooms US$10 per student per day, Double rooms US$8 per student per day.

A deposit of US$103 Materials Deposit and US$160 Rent Deposit. Rent is paid by the month.

Zeng Xianzi International Student Dorms

Single Rooms range from US$10 to US$13 per student per day, Double Rooms for about US$8 per student per day.

Xianlin Campus Dorms are about 20 kilometers away from the Gulou Campus

Accommodation fees do not include electricity and water.

Dorm No. 18

Single Room US$238 per semester; US$476 for one year

Double Room US$120 per student per semester; US$238 per student for one year

Dorm No. 21

Single Room US$952 per semester, US$1904 for one year

Double Room US$476 per student per semester, US$952 per student for one year

5a0bdaf3aa500.jpgNanjing Univeristy has a really close community of teacher and students that will make you feel instantly welcome! The city itself is the ideal location, just a short bullet train ride fro Shanghai, Hangzhou, & Suzhou - and a few more hours north is Beijing!