Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)

Northwestern Polytechnical University (also known as NPU or NWPU; : 西北工业大学; Xīběi Gōngyè Dàxué

The International College was founded in the October of 2007 and in the same year, NPU became one host university of Chinese Government Scholarship acknowledged by the China Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Education. Since then, the university has continuously received international students of different majors all over the world.

The scale of the international student enrolment has increased at a fast pace in the ensuing years. Till 2014, 1033 international students have pursued their studies in NPU, among whom 711 were long-term students and 322 short-term students. The International College offers various programs in English and Chinese medium to meet the requirements of different applicants and disciplines.

There are 14 schools of NPU which offer bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs to international students. There are nine bachelor majors taught in English, they are Aeronautical Engineering, Astronautics Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics&Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, Computer Science&Technology. And 13 schools open more than 30 MS Programs and 15 Ph.D. Programs. We selected experienced professors and supervisor proficient in English to guide and work with international students, among whom 100% have got Dr. Degree and 90% are professors.

NPU also holds several exchange programs with prestigious universities all over the globe. The Sino-U.S Culture and Humanity Program attracts American students to pursue their studies here each year. And we have established relationships with key Korean universities which are sending exchange students continuously. In addition, International Summer Camp, International Winter Camp and the Chinese Culture and Language Training Program are held yearly in NPU.The International College, in its capacity as host institution, gives long-term Chinese language courses to applicants of different competency levels. Meanwhile, we have established the long term and close relationships with the Industry Sectors of Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.

We sincerely welcome the students from all over the world to study in NPU.

Tuition fees & Accommodation Fees

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Accommodation Fees

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1 student/room


Single bed, Air conditioner, Bathroom, Kitchen, Refrigerator, TV set, Washing Machine etc.

2 student/room


Dining room, Single bed, Air conditioner, Bathroom, Kitchen, Refrigerator, TV set, Washing machine etc.

3 student/room


Dining room, Single bed, Air conditioner, Bathroom, Kitchen, Refrigerator, TV set, Washing machine etc.