Qindao College (QDC)

The progress of Qindao College (QDC) over the past decade has been remarkable in the development of higher education in China.

The progress of Qindao College (QDC) over the past decade has been remarkable in the development of higher education in China. We have grown from relatively humble beginnings to a high-ranking college with a talented team of international and local scholars and an energetic campus community. Students in QDC and members of the wider community are the beneficiaries of this outcome as, together, we are now ready to consolidate this success to advance society and establish ourselves as a leading college in China.

With more than 16000 students, 1500 staff members, and more than 47 degree and diploma programs, QDC has been recognized as one of the top independent colleges in China. Rapid growth has not, however, diminished the culture borne of an institution of human scale. Every year students very highly rate the experiences and the support they receive at QDC.

At QDC, students have options in choosing curricula suitable for their personal goals and career aspirations. Internship and work opportunities allow students to gain practical experience essential for their future career, and the degree programs have been designed in consultation with the society. QDC understands the importance of a balance between academic pursuit and leisure for students, and offers extensive academic, sporting, cultural and recreational opportunities. Students in QDC, free themselves to more than 45 student clubs and organizations.

As QDC forges ahead into its finishing line of the second five-year development plan, it does so with a growing reputation for excellence. We will welcome a larger body of students than ever before and introduce a wider range of exciting new courses to fulfill our dedication to a broad-based, transdisciplinary education for young people from home and abroad. As we embark on this new era in higher education in China, we very much hope you will join us. You are certain to find a comfortable place at QDC. We look forward to our paths crossing soon!

Accommodation & Catering

Living on campus can be great for students who never lived out of home before. There are altogether 18 Dormitory Buildings (including the International Exchange Center Building and the Animation Building), offering comfortable accommodations for students. Our dining halls provide three meals a day, and many Chinese foods and various flavor snacks are served. .COM & .CN restaurants, located in the International Exchange Center Building, are great places for lunch, snacks or coffee during the day.