Sichuan University (SCU)

四川大学 Sìchuān Dàxué

Sichuan University is one of the most prestigious places to study different undergraduate and master’s degrees in China. What makes Sichuan University quite unique is that the University had many predecessors and even had one of those predecessors that was from the year BCE 141. Since its ancient predecessors, Sichuan University was formed by the combination of two distinct universities – Chengdu University of Science and Technology and West China University of Medical Sciences.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Sichuan University has three primary campuses that are located in Chengdu. Within Chengdu, Sichuan University has the older Wanjing campus in Central Chengdu, the Huaxi Campus, which is the site of the Medical School, and the Jing’an Campus located on the outskirts of Chengdu. The three campuses have the following schools to choose from: the Wu Yuzhang Honors College, the College of Physical Science and Technology, College of Arts, Colleges of Foreign Languages and Cultures, College of Mathematics, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Pharmacy, West China College of Stomatology, the Institute of Semiotics and Media Studies(ISMS), and the West China Medical Center of Sichuan University.

Sichuan University is quite famous for its research facilities that are available to both students and faculty. The University has two national key labs, six national engineering centers, five ministerial key labs, and 35 provincial key labs, and four key research bases for Humanities and Social Sciences. In total, the University has invest upwards of 530 Million RMB in research equipment. In fact, the University publishes more than 4,000 research papers annually, which is absolutely fantastic for the development of both their students and faculty.

To facilitate the research, the University has invested in four libraries that have more than 5.5 million volumes of texts. The libraries also have a large section dedicated to English publications under the branding of Scientific and Cultural Organization and National Educational. In addition to the publications it produces, the museum within the University is a true cultural heritage site in that it has over 40,000 distinct cultural relics and over 600,000 animal and plant specimens, which is the top collection within Mainland China currently.

The University is fully equipped with a sports stadium that served as the primary filed for the Sixth National Collegiate Sports Meet. In terms of language study, the University has both the National Foreign Language Examination Center and the Intensive Language Training Center. The state of the art facilities at this University truly set it apart from other universities within China.

Final Remarks

Sichuan University is the ideal choice for either the foreign or Chinese student that wants to focus on research or Science-related disciplines. This university is not only one of the oldest within China due to its prior affiliations, but has one of the most impressive literary collections in the country. For those that want to gain practical experience both researching and publishing influential papers in both English and Chinese, Sichuan University offers the opportunity to gain experience in this as well. Lastly, the location in Sichuan Province is one of the most culturally distinct parts of China that will give foreign students exposure to incredible food, cultural moments, and language immersion due to the limited influence foreigners have in this part of China. Absolutely consider Sichuan University when deciding where to study within China.

Students must book accommodations in advance. They can move in one week before registration. Pay before the start of the Semester, except Jiang'an Campus yearly.

There are three campuses:

Wangjiang Campus for language and postgraduate students

Single Room with bathroom US$8 per student

Double Room with bathroom US$6 per student

Double Room with public bathroom US$4 per student

Huaxi Campus for medical student in English taught programs

Single Room with bathroom US$US$8 per student, without bathroom US$5 per student

Double Room with bathroom US$US$7 per student, without bathroom US$3.50 per student

Triple Room with bathroom US$4 per student, without bathroom US$3 per student

Jiang'an Campus for undergraduate students except Chinese language and literature students

Single Room US$1425 per student per year

Double Room US$2850 per student per year

Triple Room US$950 per student per year

Living off Campus is allowed.

Jiang'an campus Overseas Students Dormitory