Renmin University of China (RUC)

中国人民大学 Zhōngguó Rénmín Dàxué

Renmin University of China originated from the Shanbei Public School that was originally established in 1937 by the Communist Party of China. The school was founded with the philosophy and purpose of bringing up thousands of revolutionary comrades to fulfill the needs of the Anti-Japanese War. After the Shanbei Public School fulfilled its original purpose, the school was renamed as the North China United University and North China University to divide the subjects studied there. In 1950, the University was merged into a single school that is now known as Renmin University of China. Today, the school is famous for their Degrees in China and opportunities they provide to both Chinese and international students for success in their careers. Thus far, the school has had many notable alumni such as: Guo Yinggiu, Cheng Fangwu, Wu Yuzhang, Yuan Bachua, and Huang Da.

Notable Campuses & Programs Within China

Renmin University has 23 schools, 13 research institutes, and their own graduate school. Within these schools, there are 60 possible specialties for Undergraduate, 8 specialties for the Second-Bachelor’s degree students, 140 specialties for the Master’s degree students, and 92 specialties for the Doctoral degree candidates. Renmin University is now ranked one of the top research centers for Social Sciences and Humanities. In fact, the school is considered one of the best for Law, Economics, Sociology, and Finance in the country by the Ministry of Education of China. Renmin University has established partnerships with 125 universities and research institutions that are from 32 different countries, which enables the University to have a strong global presence for its students to take advantage of.

Renmin University’s main campus is located at No. 59 Zhonggancun Street in Haidian district of Beijing. This campus is ten minutes away from the Summer palace. At this campus, there is a location called the English Corner that is famous for students and locals gathering to improve their English-speaking skills. Renmin University’s secondary campus is located in Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province. At this campus, the French Institute (IFC Renmin) is there along with a combination of 900 Chinese and international students in their program. In terms of Master’s degrees, the RUC International College is located at the Suzhou Industrial Park as well. Lastly, Renmin University has recently finished building their Tongzhou district campus on the edge of Beijing to accommodate more of their student body.

Final Remarks

For a student that is actively interested in Humanities and Social Sciences, Renmin University of China is the ideal place to study. Many of their alumni have gone on to do incredible things in both China and the rest of the globe. The school has many opportunities for international students to study there along with gain access to impressive internships in China’s booming economy as it gains more importance in the world on a daily basis. Be sure to consider the positive student reviews of Renmin University when narrowing your search about the ideal University for you to study at while studying in China.

students will be allocated a room on campus if possible, according to their degree.

International Student Building No.1 (217 rooms), double room US$6 per person per day

International Student Building No.2 (72 rooms), double room US$6 per person per day

International Student Building No.3 (66 rooms) single US$10-15 per day

International Cultural Exchange Center (321 rooms) single US$10-15 per day

The daily price ranges from US$6 to US$16 per bed per day. The government supported students are accommodated at the International Student Building No.1

Off-campus housing: due to the limited space on campus, students can also choose to live off-campus.