Soochow University

苏州大学 Sūzhōu Dàxué

Soochow University is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Known for its strong research focus, the University ranks amongst China’s top 5% of schools. The university has a rich campus culture reminiscent of an American Ivy League school. The surrounding city of Suzhou has 2,500 years of history and is commonly known as the “Venice of the East.” With 3,175 international students currently enrolled, Soochow University is a welcoming place for foreign students seeking a degree in China.

Soochow University has had a complicated history which the university’s President recently described in a speech as “a century of glories, foibles, and vicissitudes.” The school was initially founded in 1900 by Methodists as a merger of three earlier institutions. In 1949, during the Chinese civil war, most of the university’s faculty and alumni association fled to Taiwan where they reestablished the Soochow University. In the mainland, various universities and colleges operated out of the original campus until 1982, when the English name was revived and the university officially refounded. Today, both the Soochow University on the original campus and the Soochow University in Taipei are still active—both claiming to be the legitimate successor of the historical institution. Both universities use the same emblem and motto, which can be confusing, so if you’re looking for the version on the mainland be sure to use this website—!

Soochow University offers 134 undergraduate majors, 254 masters programs, and 196 doctorate programs. The World University Rankings ranks Soochow University as the 15th best university in Mainland China. The university boasts similarly impressive rankings by QS, U.S. News, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The University has three campuses in and around the city of Suzhou.

The University has received over 2 billion RMB in sponsorship and investment, much of which has gone towards developing connections internationally. Soochow University runs a branch campus in Vientiane, Laos. Daejin University in Korea and Soochow University jointly run a campus in Soochow for Korean students studying in China. Soochow University is a member of the “China-African Universities 20+20 Cooperation Plan.” As a member of the “Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program” Soochow University has strong links to the University of Victoria, the University of Manchester, and the University of Arkansas. As one of China’s premier research institutions, Soochow University also operates a long list of jointly managed research centers worldwide, such as the Waterloo-Soochow Joint Institute for Nanotechnology.

Soochow University’s culture is one of history and legacy. The campus buildings resemble that of an older American institution and the school has many proud traditions, such as its school song and motto—"unto a full grown man.” Students seeking a high level research-based education in a beautiful city should consider attending Soochow University.

International Student Accommodations

Apartment No.1 Male students, Apartment No.2 Female students, Apartment #No.3 Mixed

Single Room US$1150 per semester, US$225 per month during school year, US$160 per month during holidays

Shared Room US$650 per semester, US$130 per month during school year, US$80 per month during holidays

Apartment No.17 & No.18 Female students Apartment No.15 Male students

Shared Room US$480 per semester, US$80 during school year and for holidays