Tianjin University (TJU)

天津大学 Tiānjīn Dàxúe

Tianjin University was founded in 1895 and is one of the first modern higher education institutions within China. The University has been named Tietsin University and Peiyang University; however, it was recently renamed once more to Tianjin University. Tianjin University was the first university within China to provide a modern four-year degree program, which served as an inspiration for other universities within China. Tianjin University is known for its large and prestigious Engineering programs. Additionally, Tianjin University’s earlier schools of Law and Telecommunications were subsequently merged with other leading institutions in Beijing as the years progressed. What makes Tianjin University very historically relevant is that it was a leading institution that served as model for the higher educational reforms that are still evolving in China today. When pursuing degrees in China, it is recommended to consider Tianjin University.

Notable Campuses & Programs within China

Currently, Tianjin University has a total student population of 25,000 with at least 9,500 post graduate students. The University currently has two libraries that have over 2 million volumes of text for students to explore. Within Tianjin University there are twelve distinct schools. For Undergraduates, there are currently 43 different majors to choose from. In terms of Graduate study, Tianjin University has the Graduate School, Continuing Education School, Network Education School, Professional Education School, and International Education School.

In terms of Scientific disciplines, Tianjin University is the ideal place to study because it has impressive state of the art facilities for research. The University has five national laboratories, one national research center for Engineering, two centers for Science and Technology research, and seven additional research laboratories. In total, there are collectively 80 laboratories, 110 research institutes, and 15 experimental research and engineering development centers at the University. As a result of these research opportunities, there have been more than 200 patents that were approved. Due to the presence of these research institution, students have the capability of working with top notch faculty researchers that can turn into impressive employment prospects down the road.

In terms of student life, Tianjin University is known for fostering a student culture that is not only Science-based, but that focuses on producing well-rounded students. For this reason, there are several student organizations that celebrate the Arts and Humanities disciplines. This is very unique to find in a university that has such a strong focus on Engineering, Science, and Technology. For Chinese and international students that are looking for a healthy mixture between the Arts and Sciences, Tianjin is a wonderful option to pursue.

Concluding Remarks

It is often forgotten that Tianjin University is quite close to Beijing by train. This is an important factor for students to consider that are looking for a direct pathway to enjoy internships or networking events in Beijing. The proximity of the two cities is leading to the Chinese government planning to connect the two cities in the long term, which makes Tianjin University another strong candidate for producing students with a connection to Beijing upon graduation. When considering universities that have an emphasis on research, Science, Technology, and Engineering, it is absolutely worthwhile to consider Tianjin University.

Tianjin University Dormitories are open to international students three days prior to the date of registration. Students are advised to arrive on time for the necessary registration procedures. Accommodation is arranged according to the campus where your Faculty is located. Each Campus has an International Student Dormitory. You will need to supply own bedding though able to purchase it locally. A refundable deposit of US$238 is required before check in. University Internet fee paid by month.

Weijin Road Campus

Liu Yuan accommodates students with Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Double rooms US$246 per student per month, paid in advance.

You Yuan accommodates students on scholarship programs and self paid.

Single room with private bathrooms US$296 per bed per month, paid in advance.

Peiyang Park Campus

All International students in the Liu Yuan Hostel.

Single room with private bathrooms US$196 per student per month (paid in advance).

Self funded students may find their own living accommodation off campus.

Estimated living costs by University are: Accommodation US$190-285, Food US$120-160, Public Transport US$25-30, Phone US$8-16 (50% cheaper than in Beijing/Shanghai)