Tongji Unversity (Tongji)

同济大学 Tóngjì Dàxué

Tongji University was established in Shanghai in 1907 by the German government that were physicians in Shanghai. Today Tongji University is one of the most prestigious universities to attend within China. The University is particular famous for being top ranked in Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business, and Architecture schools. In terms of studying various degrees in China, Tongji University is an excellent choice to consider.

Notable Programs & Campuses within China

Tongji University has over 50,000 students and offers degree programs in Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. In fact, there are 81 Bachelor’s degrees, 151 Master’s degrees, 58 Ph.D. programs, and 13 post doctoral mobile stations to choose from. The University has over 4,200 academic staff that is either teaching or doing research. The prestige of the professors includes five that are members of the Chinese Academy of Science and seven from the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Tongji University has one main large campus called the Siping Campus. There are also additional campuses called the West Campus, North Campus, and Jiading Campus. Tongji University’s programs are divided into the following schools for students to choose from: College of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Civil Engineering, College of Design and Innovation, Law School, School of Software Engineering, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Material Science and Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Transportation Engineering, School of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, College of Automotive Engineering, School of Physics Science and Engineering, School of Mathematics, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities, College of Arts and Media, School of Economics and Management, College of Life Science and Technology, Medical School, Institute of Rail Transit, and School of Ocean and Earth Science.

Currently, the University has fostered many prestigious programs with universities from around the world. Some examples of the partnerships that students can benefit from are: the Instituto Superior Técnico from Portugal, Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino that have an emphasis on an Engineering exchange program. In addition, the University offers exchanges with universities in countries such as: Australia, Canada, Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, the USA, and the UK. These exchange programs cater towards the fields of Science, Education, Economics, and Technology.

In terms of international students, Tongji has over 1,829 international students enrolled, which makes it an excellent university to pursue for an opportunity to study in a unique place. The location of the University being in Shanghai is excellent for both internship and Mandarin language learning opportunities due to the presence of many multinational firms in Shanghai along with many Chinese students studying at the universities within Shanghai.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Tongji University has a long-established commitment to excellence. For this reason, the University attracts qualified applicants every year. If you are an international student or Chinese student that is looking for a school that is particularly strong in Architecture, Engineering, Civil Engineering or Business, then Tongji University is a fantastic option in one of China’s largest cities to pursue.

Advance booking is required. Strict regulations on room use, essentially for registered Tongji students only, ie no overnight guests. Free electricity until allocated amount and then charges for further use.. Deposit required at check-in. Self-supported students must pay for a full semester on check-in and it if the room is required for the next semester, student must make arrangements thirty days before the end of the semester. Arrangements can be made to pay and keep the room over holidays.

Siping Campus

International Student Buildings No.1

Standard Room 90 days or less US$24 per room per day

Standard Room 90 days or more US$11 per room per day

Suite 90 days or less US$30 per room per day

Suite 90 days or more US$21per room per night

International Student Buildings No.2

Standard Room 90 days or less US$23 per room per day

Standard Room 90 days or more US$13 per room per day

Suite 90 days or less US$26 per room per day

Suite 90 days or more US$26 per room per night

International Student Buildings No.4

Standard Room 90 days or less US$13 per room per day

Zhangwu Campus

US$13 per room per day

Jiading Campus

US$12 per room per day

SEM (School of Economics and Management)

Only students who hold an “admission notice” will be accommodated in a shared Double Room, no friends or spouses from other schools allowed.
On check-in a deposit of US$240 and the fees for one semester (around US$6.50 per person per day) are required. Internet not included.