University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

对外经济贸易大学 Duìwài Jīngjì Màoyì Dàxué

University of International Business Economics was established in Beijing in 1951. Originally, the University was named the Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade and primarily provided training and education for government officials that were in charge of China’s international business and economic sectors. The University primarily specializes in Economics, Finance, Law, Management, and Foreign Languages. In terms of prestige within China, it is ranked as second in universities that specialize in Finance and Economics. University of International Business Economics currently has approximately 13,000 students from China and 4,000 international students that come from 148 countries and regions. The University carries the nickname of “Switzerland” due to its small size and global prestige in the subjects that it specializes in. When looking for courses that have an excellent balance between International Relations and Business, University of International Business has many degrees and Master’s degrees in China to pursue.

Notable Programs & Campuses within China

One of the aspects that University of International Business Economics is famous for is producing the top civil servants for the Ministry of Commerce. Until major reforms in the University in 1989, most graduates went to work for state-owned import/export companies or the Ministry after graduation.

The University of International Business Economics has a center called The Beijing Center for American students that are studying in China. At The Beijing Center, it is possible to take Chinese language courses as well as other courses taught in English by professors in residence at Beijing’s top universities.

For MBA students, Forbes recently did a survey of Chinese MBA programs and found that the Executive MBA ranked 10th and standard MBA ranked 15th. This is a very strong ranking for Business students to consider that want to study in China during one of the most fascinating times of its commercial and industrial expansion.

Within the University there are several different schools to choose from to include: the School of International Trade and Economics, the School of Banking and Finance, School of Business, School of Law, School of Foreign Studies, School of International Studies, School of Information Technology and Management Engineering, School of International Relations, Research Institute for Global Value Chains, School of Public Administration, School of Insurance and Economics, School of Chinese and Literature, Sino-French International Management School, Zhuoyue International School, China Institute for WTO Studies, Institute of International Economics, School of Distance Education, and the School of Executive Development.

Final Remarks on the Subject

University of International Business Economics is a great option for those that would like to have an education that has a balance between Business, Law, and International Relation. The school’s location in Beijing is excellent for students to be able to intern and associate with expert faculty that can help guide them in their careers. For foreign students, there are many opportunities to study Chinese within the University as well to create an excellent addition to their education that they will be receiving in their programs. When looking for an institution that is an ideal pathway to a career in Business, Law or the Foreign Service, it is wise to consider University of International Business Economics.

On Campus for international students are:

Huibin House (No. 6 Building) U$16 per day per person for a standard single room and US$8 per day per person for a double rrom

Huicai Apartment (No. 5 Building) US$10 per day per person in a double room with a private bath and US$6 per day per person in a double room with public bath on every floor.

Huide Apartment (No. 0 Building) provides the most spacious accommodations for long-term students US$21 - 22.50 per person per day for a double room.

Applications for accommodations are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis with confirmation of acceptance of a place at the university.

A deposit of US$315 is required at check in and will be refunded when students check out.

Off campus Accommodationa

The university suggests several hotels nearby which offer rooms to students at reduced rates for long-term occupancy for around US$50 per person per day in a double room.

Foreign students who live off campus must live in housing that has been approved as a legal residence for foreigners and follow appropriate registration procedures with the local police and university; if housing is not approved as a legal residence for foreigners, the students rights will not be protected by law.

Thomas McVay (Current MA IR student)- The Uni has a good mix of both foreign and Chinese students which gives a pretty good vibe. Is also close to downtown! definitely recommend, have had a pretty good experience so far!

Nicola (Logistics Management- MA)- UIBE's biggest advantage is its diversity. I have classmates from all over the world - from Syria to Suriname, and from Eritrea to Uzbekistan. Classes rely mostly on group work, so your cross-cultural skills will expand ten-fold! Beijing is the best of both classical and modern China, you will never get bored!

UIBE is one of the top universities in Beijing for international students. They offer quite a few different degrees taught in English, and have one of the best language programs. the are currently the only university in Beijing that offers a university level elective, taught in English that can be taken alongside a language program.

UIBE is not located in the university district, but rather much closer to the center of Beijing.