Tsinghua University (THU)

清华大学 Qīnghuá Dàxué

Tsinghua University is one of the top universities within Mainland China to study degrees in Beijing. The school particularly focuses on disciplines such as: Engineering and Computer Science. In fact, the University has even topped global giants such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) by placing 14th worldwide in the 2017 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. Given the technology boom in Mainland China, Tsinghua University is a fantastic place to study for foreign citizens that are looking to get a first-hand glimpse at the quality of technology that China is producing and how they can develop the skills to be competitive in the global Engineering and IT sector.

A Brief History

Tsinghua University was established in 1911 due to funding that was provided by the United States to China in the wake of the Boxer Rebellion. President Roosevelt and Secretary of State John Hay viewed the reparations due to China to be excessive and formed a program that enabled Chinese students to study in China at Tsinghua University and then transfer to the United States as Juniors for the remainder of their study. With the endowment to create the university in China, Tsinghua University was formed.

During the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government attempted to create a Soviet like system where the universities were grouped into like disciplines of study. This caused a major shift in Tsinghua University along with the majority of the student body leaving in 1966 to become Red Guards or abandoning the university completely. After the end of the Cultural Revolution, Tsinghua University began to take students once more and still remained one of the top universities in China.

Most Notable Programs

Tsinghua University has many notable programs that are worth exploring in the fields of Engineering and Computer Science. Tsinghua University is also home to one of the top Medical Schools in China called the Peking Union Medical College. Since the Cultural Revolution, the school has also reopened the following programs: the School of Economics and Management, the School of Sciences, the School of Life Sciences, the Tsinghua Law School, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Academy of Arts and Design. Tsinghua University has also begun to form prestigious Dual Degree Programs with top ranking educational institutions around the globe. One such program is the Dual Degree option that exists between MIT Sloan School of Management and Business and the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management called the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA where candidates complete one year in Boston and one year in Beijing.

Final Remarks

Tsinghua University offers a wealth of programs that are appealing to foreign students in the fields of Business Management, Economics, Engineering, and Computer Science. Tsinghua University is a fantastic place to be exposed to innovations in the Engineering and Computer Science world that are rolled out to multi-million dollar contracts to countries around the world due to China’s impressive investment projects that are commencing in many regions of the world. Being able to study with professors of this quality is an exceptional opportunity to be exposed to the most current technology, but to also have the opportunity to have internships, guest lecturers, business/technical vocabulary courses in Mandarin. Lastly, the networking opportunities that an institution that Tsinghua University offers will serve students for many years to come after the completion of their program.


Zijing Apartments of Tsinghua University provides rooms for foreign students to live on Campus. Apply early as there is not enough housing for all students.

Zijing Building 19, 21, 22 Single Rooms

Zijing Building 20 Single Rooms and AB Rooms

Zijing Building 23 Double Rooms

Single Room US$12.50 per person per day private bedroom and private bathroom

ABDouble Room US$12.50 per person per day private bedroom with shared bathroom

Double Room US$6.50 per person per room per day, two beds per room, shared bathroom/toilet on each floor.

Check-in is allowed one week before semester begins. Six months rent is due at one time and should be paid in full. All rooms have air conditioner, telephones and internet access. Chinese Government Scholarship recipients (full scholarship) do not need to make room reservation.

Tsinghua estimates accommodations expenses On Campus as US$2375-4750 per year and Off Campus as US$2850-6325 per year. Meals US$1700, Textbooks US$300.

Zijing International Student Apartments

Bedroom in Single Room
Bedroom in Double Room

Bedroom in ABDouble Room


Tsinghua Jiasuo Hotel

Tsinghua Bingsuo Hotel

Tsinghua Jinchunyuan Hotel

Tsinghua Jinchunyuan Hotel

Students can also obtain housing information through housing agencies for off-campus accommodation.

Other Fees