Dalian University of Technology (DUT) (DLUT)

大连理工大学 Dàlián Lǐgōng Dàxué

The Dalian University of Technology is one of the most prestigious locations in China for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Engineering and Technology. Since 1978, DUT has won over 1,000 awards for academic excellence. DUT offers 87 undergraduate degrees, 262 master’s programs, and 157 doctoral programs. The university maintains partnerships with universities and institutions around the world and is on track to become a hub for international students seeking STEM degrees in China.

Founded in 1949, Dalian University of Technology was the first formal university in China dedicated to STEM fields. As such, the school has been the recipient of funding and development initiatives since its inception. DUT has been a member of Project 211, Project 973, Project 985, and the “E9 Group” Program. Most recently, Dalian University of Technology is part of China’s “Double First-Rate” university scheme, which aims to develop world-class institutions in China.

The effect of this financial backing is evident in DUT’s impressive rankings. Thomson Reuter’s Essential Science Indicators (ESI) ranks DUT’s engineering, chemistry, and material science departments as being in the top 1% of universities world-wide. An additional 6 of DUT’s disciplines are ranked by ESI as being in the top 1% of “international” universities. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) includes 12 of DUT’s disciplines in their list of the 500 best programs world-wide. 16 DUT disciplines are included in the Times Higher Education world discipline ranking.

Dalian University of Technology currently has 42,041 students, of which 860 are international students. However, the university is actively recruiting more international students and faculty. Between 2014 and 2016, The Ministry of Education endowed DUT with 25.286 million RMB in order to employ nearly 3000 foreign experts. DUT collaborates with 207 universities in 29 countries and regions. From 2014—2016, 4278 DUT students were dispatched on exchange trips. The USA’s Pennsylvania State University has a long-standing partnership with DUT, with the two universities operating the PSU-DUT Joint Center for Energy Research.

Apart from its collaborations with other academic institutions, DUT enjoys connections to some of the world’s leaders in science and innovation. In 2007, tech giant Intel collaborated with the Dalian University of Technology and the Dalian Municipal Government to establish the Dalian Institute of Semiconductor Technology, which is operated by DUT and features a 36 million USD 8-inch chip producing assembly line donated by Intel. This institute has made DUT the most advanced research base in China for the development of integrated circuits.

Aside from STEM fields, Dalian University of Technology has long been on the forefront of business education in China. DUT’s MBA program was developed in partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, following then-premier Deng Xiaoping’s visit to the United States, making the university one of the first schools to offer an MBA in China. DUT’s business education institutions are accredited by AACSB and the university is in the process of obtaining accreditation from EQUIS and AMBA. The school’s programs in business management and economics consistently rank among the highest in China.

DUT has three campuses throughout Dalian and the nearby suburb of Panjin. Together, these campuses cover 4.262 million square meters including 213,000 square meters of athletic grounds. Dalian and the surrounding area is famous for its striking beaches, colonial architecture, hot springs, and ski resorts. In 2006, Dalian was named China’s “most livable city” by China Daily.

Dalian University of Technology is one of China’s most developed centers of STEM education. DUT has been a recipient of nearly every government funding program since its inception and as such has grown rapidly. The university boasts consistently high performance on both domestic and international rankings. To date, DUT has not attracted as many foreign students as the universities in China’s major cities. But, for a student seeking a world-class STEM degree in China, this seaside university will soon become a top pick.

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